Creative Projects

Our team project aims to introduce new ways of seeing and remembering the Holocaust. We create visualizations of deportations. My contribution to this project includes analyzing the fate of Italian, Argentine, and Brazilian Jews victims of the Holocaust. Visualizing the smaller number of victims from countries on the periphery opens up windows onto the entirely of the Holocaust.

Creative Writing

Launching of POEMS with SARAH (2020)

"Exile at Home, or At Home in Exile" published in The Athenaeum Review (2019)

"Coming to America" featured in The Curio Project (2016)

Literary Translation

I co-organized the Ackerman Center's first Yom HaShoah Translation Workshop in April 2016 where I invited students, staff, and faculty to translate Paul Celan's "Death Fugue" into more than 15 languages. As editor-in-chief of the literary journal Reunion: The Dallas Review I selected the Arabic, English, French, Polish, and Russian translations, with critical essays by the translators for publication in Volume 6

In 2020, I facilitated the first Virtual Translation Workshop, which resulted in 12 translations including into Arabic, French, Kurdish (a first for us!), Portuguese, Urdu, and more.

I produced the following videos in April 2020 to highlight all the translation workshops results to date:

Other iterations of the project that utilized these translations:  

Death Fugue: An Uncovering and 

Death Fugue: A Participatory Embodiment